Do you know there are so many poor families in Poland? 
Christmas is a special time, so let’s help them together!

1. We chose the family from the big database of selected families in need (all of them were checked and described by special volunteers). 
2. We should prepare the Christmas box for our family. It can inspire them to change their situation by a small, yet significant impulse that will make them act and fight to improve their lives! 
3. We will deliver the box to the warehouse and then volunteers will give it to our family.

Mrs. Irena (58 years old) and Mr. Ginter (60 years old) are a lovely marriage, which despite the difficult times never ceases to support each other. For several years Mr. Ginter has been struggling with serious health problems that prevented him from working. The family's situation deteriorated significantly 3 years ago when Mrs. Irena was diagnosed with breast cancer. A long treatment has left a mark upon her - even today she talks about this time with tears in her eyes. It was a very difficult time for both of them. The death of Mrs. Irena’s mom was another misfortune. Moreover, the family budget was significantly reduced. Today their total source of maintenance is 770 PLN. After paying the cost of accommodation, they have less than 10 PLN per month. They cannot afford to buy all the medicines. This situation is new to them and they seek help to get out of it. The family is mostly afraid of hunger. 
The family could always manage in every situation. Mrs. Irena mentions the time when they were able to help others. Before the children were born, Mrs. Irena worked in a kindergarten. She liked her job very much. After the birth of their children, they decided that she would stay at home to take care of them. Later she began to look after her sick mother. Mrs. Irena enjoys housekeeping. She is a very organized person. The last few months have taught her to manage the household budget well. She is able to spend money wisely. Mrs. Irena likes listening to music, it makes her happy. She can see joy in small things and willingly shares it with her husband. Mr. Ginter worked in the mine in the past. He liked his job very much – he was responsible for managing tools in the stock. The work was very satisfying for him. His great passion is football. In the past he actively practiced this discipline. Today, he proudly mentions his passion, which he managed to pass on to his son and grandson. Unfortunately, his bad health condition (sick spine and knee problems) made Mr. Ginter unable to enjoy an active football game. Mr. Ginter used to buy a ball for his son every year. It has become a tradition which bonds the family. Today, his dream is to find a job which he can do despite his bad health condition.
The support that marriage gives to each other is very heart-warming. In difficult times, the couple became even closer. They can also count on the support of two adult children. However, this support is not enough to make their living. Their dream for now is to make a full recovery. The most important family needs are: food, cleaning agents and winter shoes for Mrs. Irena. The family doesn’t have enough money for these basic needs.

1) Food: tea, groat, sugar, canned meat, coffee, pasta, oil, canned fish, rice, flour, jam, canned vegetables.
2) Cleaning agents: washing powder, dishwashing gel, soap / shower gel, toothpaste, cleansing gel, shampoo, toothbrush.
3) Shoes:
- flat winter boots for Mrs. Irena (size 37/38)
- sport shoes for Mrs. Irena (size 37/38)
4) Other: 
- glasses
- job for Mr. Ginter
5) Special gifts: Mr. Ginter would love to get a ball (Christmas tradition) and sweets that he could give to his grandchildren, Mrs. Irena - a tape recorder with CD player.

We should create the box until 9.12.2017. 
You can bring stuff to:
- our ESN office (Rectorate building, room 76)
- dormitories or Faculty of Earth Sciences in Sosnowiec (contact: Anna Abramowicz:
- dormitories in Ligota (contact Anastasiia Holoushkina:

If you want to know more about this project, you can visit the official webpage:

28/11/2017 - 12:00 to 08/12/2017 - 16:00
  • Everyone is invited.