Hello everyone! 

We're pleased to invite you to our first ESN party of the winter! ❄

WHERE: DSO Projekt, Ligota dorms, ul. Studencka 16, Katowice
WHEN: 9th of December, Saturday

Each person who's dressed with a motive of Chrismas, winter holidays or Santa Claus (i.e. a Santa hat, Christmas sweater) who arrives before 10:30PM gets a token for one free drink at the bar! 

Additionally we're holding a CONTEST for the best SANTA costume  
Contestants need to sign up with Grzegorz Czmil before 10:30PM and after a presentation around 11PM our jury consisting of ESN members will choose a winner who will be awarded

So come on down to DSO and celebrate the start of a holiday season! Gather your friends before your winter break and dance the cold night away! 

As always there's a selection at the entrance and the cloak room is available. Entrance FREE until 10:30PM, after that time fee is 5zł. 
Entrance only with A STUDENT I.D. OR A DORM CARD 


09/12/2017 - 09:00
  • Everyone is invited.