The end of the semester is approaching - it's time to summarize this wonderful time and choose the winners of the ERASMUS AWARDS!

ESN UŚ in cooperation with Spiż and Multilanguage Evenings in Katowice invites you to the ERASMUS FAREWELL PARTY! ♥ 

19:30 KRÓLESTWO (balcony inside the club) 
Erasmus awards
During this awesome evening you will be able to win some really cool awards in 10 great categories! 

Do you know who is the greatest Katowice lover or who has the prettiest smile? Or maybe you are curious who is the most chilled student of all the Erasmus students? But the best thing is that YOU WILL BE THE JUDGES! You can vote for your favorite people! 

The competition will be published on Facebook very soon So stay tuned and get ready to vote !! And maybe it will be you getting the awards during the Farewell Party for Erasmus students! 

22:00 PARTY - SPIŻ
Katowice nocą... 
Join us in the VIP room with karaoke! Spend the Erasmus Farewell Party with the people who made your Erasmus unforgettable and enjoy it to the utmost! ;) 

See you soon 

Królestwo - rondo Ziętka 1, Katowice
Spiż - Opolska 12 Street, Katowice

24/01/2018 - 22:00