SocialErasmus is an international program by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) that promotes a social attitude among young citizens participating in mobility programmes, to facilitate their integration into the local community while gives them the chance to make a long-lasting social change in society through volunteering activities. The project goes under the slogan:

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The main projects in our section:

Erasmus in Schools

Erasmus in Schools project came into existence to the benefit of both Erasmus students and pupils. The first Erasmus in Schools event organized by our section took place in November 2016. We cooperate with the high school in Świętochłowice - ZSO nr 1 im. Jana Kochanowskiego. Thanks to the project, Erasmus students have the chance to share information about their country and become a teacher for one day, whereas high school pupils have a unique chance of talking with young people from all over the world and immersing in foreign cultures.

Charity Auction

What to do with second-hand items left by ex-Erasmus students? Why not to use them to help children? That's basically the idea behind the Charity Auction - each semester, we sell second-hand items (e.g. cutlery, plates, pots, kettles) to incoming Erasmus students in order to raise funds for the children's home "Tęcza" in Katowice.

Animal Shelter

We think that everyone loves animals! Probably some of our Erasmus students had to leave their pets at home and they miss them a lot. That's the reason why we decided to make our first trip to the animal shelter. It's very important to share good vibes, help animals and be aware that animals are not toys. Thanks to the animal shelter in Chorzów we could visit the animal shelter with our Erasmus students and take dogs for a walk. Everybody was happy – not only our students but also cute dogs!


Other projects:

Erasmus Forest

Erasmus Hall